American Eagle Drawer Sets


  • All drawer widths in the product line utilize our unique key locking “T” handle. This feature provides a one-handed operation and conceals the latch mechanism for heavy-duty protection and an attractive appearance.
  • All the drawer fronts on the assemblies are given a textured gray powder coat finish. 
  • The metal edges of the drawers, and the top shelf, are hemmed for added strength and safety.
  • The side panels have a standard 2.50” riser built into them with mounting slots pre-punched.
  • The top shelf is included with all drawer units and is designed to telescope out 5.5” on each side of the drawer set. In most installations this will provide a full shelf in the body compartment and give solid reinforcement.
  • The individual drawers are easily removed from the set providing a unique feature that will assist your installation. This feature may also be convenient if you need to move items closer to the job or retrieve a lost tool.
  • Each drawer in the set is provided with front-to-back dividers and are punched on 2” centers for divider installation.
  • Drawer systems are custom-made to your specifications. Each drawer system is engineered to fit your truck’s compartment and configured with the drawer sizes that will work best for you.
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